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Hadi al Khatib

Executive Director

Hadi is Executive Director of Mnemonic and founder of Syrian Archive. Hadi has worked since 2011 to collect, verify, and investigate citizen-generated data as evidence of human rights violations. Hadi previously worked with Tactical Technology Collective to support journalists and human rights groups in securing their data, devices and communications online. Hadi worked as a part-time open source investigator with Human Rights Watch and Bellingcat. He also worked as a consultant with the UN International, Impartial, and Independent Mechanism. Hadi is a fellow at Ashoka, and the Centre for Internet and Human Rights. He was selected for the 2021 #TIME100NEXT list, the FastCompany's Most Creative People in Business list for 2021, and as one of Wired UK's 2021 list of changemakers.

A. Jaloud

Programs Director

Al Jaloud is Programs Director of Mnemonic. He has over seven years of project management experience focusing on the human rights sector. Previously, Al Jaloud worked at WITNESS as the Middle East and North Africa regional advisor. With WITNESS, he built networks of human rights activists and citizen journalists and led both direct training and ‘training of trainers’ on digital security and using video as evidence of human rights violations . He has additionally worked as a research assistant for the Carnegie Middle East Center and Princeton University, and as a researcher for NHK world Japan focusing on the Syria crisis. Al Jaloud has produced two documentaries and won an“I” award for outstanding television news program based on humanitarian point of view, hosted by Ishii Motoko in 2016.

Jeff Deutch

Director of Operations and Research

Jeff is Director of Operations and Research at Mnemonic and co-founder of Syrian Archive. With more than 10 years of experience in the human rights and nonprofit sector, Jeff previously worked with Tactical Technology Collective where he engaged in research concerning the risk and barriers activist communities face in using technology for transparency and accountability. Jeff has a doctorate from Humboldt University in Berlin, Masters in Public Policy from Hertie School of Governance, and a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College. He is also a fellow and member of the steering committee at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights.

Roberta Pasini

Financial Manager

Roberta is Mnemonic’s Financial Manager. With more than 10 years of experience as project and programme manager in the field of development and cooperation, Roberta previously worked as project manager for MiCT, country representative of No Peace Without Justice in Gaziantep, Turkey, and local project manager at the Italian Cooperation in Jerusalem. Roberta has a Masters degree in Cultures, Institutions and Languages of the Mediterranean area from Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. Roberta is also part of the SyriaUntold media project.

Dia Kayyali

Associate Director for Advocacy

Dia is Associate Director for Advocacy at Mnemonic. In their role, Dia focuses on the real-life impact of policy decisions made by lawmakers and technology companies about content moderation and related topics. Previously, Dia served as Program Manager for tech + advocacy at WITNESS. They got their start in digital rights as an Activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Dia serves as co-chair for the Advisory Network to the Christchurch Call, is a member of the Legal Frameworks and Content-sharing Algorithms, Processes, and Positive Interventions working groups of the GIFCT, and is on the Advisory Board for OnlineCensorship.org.They hold a JD from University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Libby McAvoy

Legal Advisor

Libby is a Legal Advisor with Mnemonic. She earned her J.D from Columbia Law School where she was a member of the Human Rights Clinic project on war crimes in the Central African Republic. She is admitted to practice law in Washington State.

Michael Elsanadi


Michael is an Investigator with Mnemonic. Trained at the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley Law’s Human Rights Investigations Lab, Michael is a researcher specializing in open source investigations into conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa. Michael has previously worked on public and confidential investigations for organizations such as Physicians for Human Rights into human rights violations committed in Syria, Sudan, and Yemen. Alongside conducting investigations, he runs trainings on open source investigative techniques with the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley. Michael studied Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Salma Amer


Salma Amer is a human rights researcher and advocate with over 10 years of work experience in the field. She worked with several international rights organizations in several countries including in Geneva where she was advocating for the respect of human rights in the MENA region at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Salma worked on several conflict areas including Yemen and Libya. Before joining Mnemonic, she was working with the Syria Justice and Accountability Center as an Advocacy Advisor working on the file of the kidnapped in Northeast Syria. Salma holds a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences from Cairo University, and a Master of Arts in Development and Governance from University of Duisburg-Essen.

Gregory Waters


Gregory Waters is an Investigator with Mnemonic. Greg researches security forces, primarily utilizing open source research to assess the capabilities and structure of Army and allied militias. Gregory is a non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute and works as a research analyst at the Counter Extremism Project.

Kayla Koontz


Kayla Koontz is an Investigator with Mnemonic. She graduated from UC Berkeley’s Global Studies MA Program and former researcher at the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center. She received her B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from San Francisco State University in 2016. Her work has been published by the Middle East Institute, and Bellingcat.

Baraa T.


Baraa is an Investigator with Mnemonic’s Yemeni Archive project. She previously worked in the social and humanitarian field. Most recently, she worked on project design, initiation and implementation for the Ayounkoun project, providing eye care for Syrians and Lebanese in need, funded by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Baraa studied political science at the American University in Beirut.

MA. Artino

Outreach Coordinator

Artino is a Communications and Outreach Coordinator focused on Syria and Yemen. He works to enhance awareness and empower civil society on human rights and justice. Artino has worked with the Syria Campaign as a campaigner, supporting the advocacy of grassroots movements. Artino also documented the Syria conflict for more than two years as a war photographer with Reuters News Agency. As a public speaker and storyteller, he engages the audience to compassion, action and understanding in both English as Arabic language events.

Inana Othman


Inana is a researcher, writer and trainer in political adult education based in Berlin. At the intersection of Social Anthropology, Philosophy and Migration Studies, her research currently investigates memory practices, Archive, education, time, the imaginary and migration with focus on Syria and Germany. As a qualified and experienced political trainer, she works on topics such as colonialism, post-colonial structures, racism, racism-critical education, creative writing, gender and intersectionality. Inana holds Master’s degree in politics, history and economy of the MENA region.

Tareef M.

Web Developer

Tareef is a full-stack Web Developer with Mnemonic, focusing on building blazing-fast websites and apps. With that in mind, he built Mnemonic sites and their services. Tareef also works on building dynamic data-driven visualization and interactive scrollytelling. Previously, Tareef worked as a project manager with Hsoub which is a group of Internet businesses that operates the largest two Arabic freelancing platforms. Tareef studied electrical engineering at the University of Al-Baath, Homs.

Giovanni C.

System Administrator

Giovanni is a System Administrator with Mnemonic where he primarily works on system administration. He is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all the IT systems, including data collection, archival, and storage. Giovanni has a background in political activism, has collaborated with human rights groups and journalists on topics of investigation and online security. He also worked on community infrastructure projects.

Claudio Agosti

Software Developer

Claudio works as a Software Developer part time with Mnemonic where he supports with content preservation and software development. He is also the project leader of Tracking Exposed.

Haneen K.


Haneen is an investigator with Mnemonic. She conducts open source investigations in addition to building and analyzing databases in the Syrian Archive. With over 8 years of experience in journalism and open source investigation, Haneen has previously worked as a journalist with many outlets, including Enab Baladi. Alongside conducting investigations, she runs trainings on open source investigations. Haneen studied Communicational Engineering at the University of Damascus.

Carolyne Thompson

Data journalist

Carolyn is an award-winning data journalist who reports on human rights issues, humanitarian crises, displacement and refugee movements, and government accountability. Her work has appeared on France 24, NPR, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada, among many others. She has participated in fellowships and investigative journalism programs through the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, the University of British Columbia, and the International Center for Journalists. Her reporting projects have been funded through the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Journalismfund.eu. She has trained journalists through iJourno Africa, Free Press Unlimited and Journalists for Human Rights. She holds a Master of Journalism from Carleton University.

Jack Wolf

Visualisation Coordinator

Jack is a filmmaker and media artist helping Mnemonic create and visualise investigations and reports. His works investigating emerging technologies have been shown around the world.

Olivia Solis

Product Designer

Oli is a Product Designer with Mnemonic. She also works as a creative designer with Share Foundation and SHARE labs. In the past, she was oriented towards the fields of data visualization and open data.

Mustafa K.


Mustafa is an investigator with Mnemonic

Hesham Moadamani


Hesham is an investigator with Mnemonic


Mnemonic is an NGO dedicated to archiving, investigating and memorialising digital information documenting human rights violations and international crimes. Mnemonic also provides trainings, conducts research, engages in content moderation advocacy, and develops tools to support advocacy, justice and accountability.

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