Mnemonic works globally to help human rights defenders effectively use digital documentation of human rights violations and international crimes to support advocacy, justice and accountability.

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What we do


Mnemonic has established four stand-alone archives preserving vulnerable digital information from Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Ukraine.

Rapid Response

As situations of political violence emerge, our Rapid Response project helps new documentation initiatives get off the ground fast and securely.


We train human rights defenders to securely archive, verify, and investigate - maximising digital documentation’s impact and empowering those working with it.

Content Moderation

We engage with platforms to reduce the impact of harmful content moderation policies by social media companies and governments, and empower advocacy efforts by providing comprehensive reliable data surrounding the takedowns of human rights documentation on social media platforms.

Tools and Methods

We build and support the development of open source tools and methods empowering those working towards justice and accountability.

Recent updates


Comment on "Sudan’s RSF Video Captive" case

January 23, 2024

Submission to the Oversight Board

X’s policy changes stifle human rights work and investigations in Syria, Palestine, elsewhere

November 21, 2023

By Maria Mingo, Ahmed Zidan, and Itxaso Domínguez de Olazábal


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Mnemonic is an NGO dedicated to archiving, investigating and memorialising digital information documenting human rights violations and international crimes. Mnemonic also provides trainings, conducts research, engages in content moderation advocacy, and develops tools to support advocacy, justice and accountability.