What happens when the US decides to designate a group as a terrorist organization? Insights from Mnemonic

By Dia Kayyali

Today Mnemonic is publishing the results of a review of removals of content posted by Houthi Twitter accounts. This case study looks at the time period after former President Trump indicated he was considering designating the Houthis as an official terrorist organisation. It shows a big spike in content removals, which Twitter says is due to violations of its “Platform Manipulation and Spam Policy.” As we point out in the case study, we think there’s more to the story- but even if there isn’t, these mass removals are a good example of the potential impact of new US, UN, or other legal designations could have on content from conflict areas.

Access the report here:


Mnemonic is an NGO dedicated to archiving, investigating and memorialising digital information documenting human rights violations and international crimes. Mnemonic also provides trainings, conducts research, engages in content moderation advocacy, and develops tools to support advocacy, justice and accountability.

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