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Mnemonic is a non-profit organisation made up of human rights advocates, archivists, technologists, and open-source investigators dedicated to preserving, memorialising and adding value to publicly available information related to human rights violations. We use our unique position as a cross-sectorial, cross-disciplinary organisation to help human rights defenders hold power to account.

balanced with lack of resources and myriad challenges in their operating environments.

Objectives of services

Mnemonic invites interested and eligible parties to send their proposals for the supply of Travel Management Services to Mnemonic. Mnemonic will establish a service agreement with the selected party for the provision of Travel Management Services for a period of 12 months with the possibility to extend. Travel shall apply to all travel of Mnemonic staff and partners from one place to another for official business purposes. These official purposes include, but need not be limited to official missions or meetings involving local, regional and/or international travel.

Tasks and deliverables

  • Travel agency shall provide booking for flights, accommodation, transfers, car rental, and trains for conferences, and events.
  • Travel agency shall be available to assist 24 hours daily Monday - Sunday.
  • Travel agency shall provide the most economical options for flights, accommodation, and other services in line with the Mnemonic travel policy and requirements. 
  • Travel agency must be knowledgeable of and prepared to offer special fares, restricted fares, discount fares, and group/bulk fares for use whenever appropriate.
  • Tickets shall be charged including their service cost.
  • No advance payment will be paid to the awarded supplier. The awarded supplier is expected to mobilize its own resources to deliver the agreed material. 
  • Payment term is postpaid monthly, the currency of the offered tickets and services should be in EUR, and including the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Terms and Conditions

Mnemonic reserves the right to keep confidential the circumstances that have been considered for the selection of the offers.

Part of the evaluation process may include a presentation from the applicant. 

Mnemonic reserves the right to cancel this selection process at any time and not to award any contract.

Mnemonic does not bind itself to accept the lowest, or any offer.

Applicants declare that they are affected by no potential conflict of interest and that the applicant and Mnemonic staff have no particular link with other parties involved in the application process. Should such a situation arise during the performance of the contract, you shall immediately inform Mnemonic in writing.

Confidentiality and record of right

All personal information shared with the Travel Agency shall be protected with a high level of confidentiality with regards to all documents produced under the service agremeent.

Consultant qualitifcations and evaluation criteria

A. Mandatory Requirements

  • Provide a certified copy of business registration (company/organisation)
  • Provide a certified copy of the tax registration
  • Provide information on ownership structure - the name of directors/owners of the company(company/organisation)

B. Qualifications and  Proposal Contents: The applicant must have proven expertise and experience in Travel Management Services. Proposals from applicants should include the following information (at a minimum)

  • pricing proposals and include applicable fees in EUR for different transaction types, including Value Added Tax (VAT);
  • details of how you will support each of our offices and provide details of any partnering offices/companies to support our service requirements;
  • details of the Global fares that you are able to offer and detailing the global reach and applicable discounts & benefits (e.g. low cancellation/change fees);
  • details of current airline agreements (negotiated and/or charity) and state the countries in which you are able to access local market fares;
  • details of whether you are able to access low-cost airlines and published fares;
  • details of how you would support bookings with providing itineraries to travellers and management of traveller information & preferences;
  • details of the team(s) that will support Mnemonic staff and how you will ensure the provision of 24-hour support service, including level of experience;
  • a detailed explanation of your costing methodology and charge structure so that it is transparent how much Mnemonic will pay;
  • details of how complaints will be channelled, handled and resolved;
  • details of how you would support compliance with Mnemonic travel policy requirements under tasks and deliverables;
  • details of how to support travellers in emergency situations and how to ensure efficient and effective support.

Please attach any additional information to be included with the proposal.

How to apply

All interested parties are requested to submit their proposal in English and by email to finance@mnemonic.org on or before the 31th of March 2024. Email Subject should contain: - Travel Management Services for Mnemonic. 

Proposals received after the deadline shall not be considered.


Mnemonic is an NGO dedicated to archiving, investigating and memorialising digital information documenting human rights violations and international crimes. Mnemonic also provides trainings, conducts research, engages in content moderation advocacy, and develops tools to support advocacy, justice and accountability.

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