Joint Statement of the Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance

The European Union Should Set a High Bar To Protect Fundamental Rights

Today Mnemonic joins fellow organisations in the Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance in this statement to the European Parliament calling to pass a Digital Services Act (DSA) that protects fundamental rights, and lays the foundations for global human rights-centric lawmaking.

Amongst other recommendations, the Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance is calling for the EU to:

  • Avoid disproportionate demands on smaller providers that would put people’s access to information in serious jeopardy;
  • Not impose legally mandated automated content moderation tools on online platforms, as this will lead to over-removals of legitimate speech; and
  • Consider mandatory human rights impact assessment as the primary mechanism for assessing and mitigating systemic risks stemming from platforms’ operations.

For more information please view the full statement:


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